With CMP Corridor, a scar is born


So our state’s DEP – that is, the Department of Environmental Protection – confirmed that Central Maine Power, in fact, had clear cut a scar almost twice the size of they didn’t claim it. In CMP’s fury to tear apart the forest of western Maine for the Hydro-Quebec extension to Massachusetts, CMP ignored the 54-foot-wide limit across Segment 1, the only unindustrialized segment of the project. CMP knowingly lied and cut almost double the width. Does this really surprise you? The most suspicious public service in the country?

Why is this important? Because Maine is being exploited so that CMP and Hydro-Quebec can harvest billions in the future to the detriment of one of the last great wilderness areas in the eastern United States and the sustainability of brook trout in Endangered.

Why is this important? Unfortunately, our oversight agencies and our governor have failed the Maine public in their responsibilities and allegiance. The Department of Environmental Protection is charged with protecting Maine’s environment, without obeying the governor – and certainly not by complicit in a foreign extension of dirty electricity to Massachusetts taxpayers.

Fortunately, in November, the Mainers have the ability to prevent this deceptive scam and miles of rusty 100-foot-tall poles marking the landscape.

In November, vote yes on question 1 to stop the CMP corridor.

Jean Côté


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