Valdosta, Lowndes Co. receives funds for drinking water

The Valdosta Utilities Department and Lowndes County, among others, received funding to strengthen water and sewer infrastructure.

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Governor Brian P. Kemp, joined by members of the Water and Sewer Infrastructure Committee and heads of state, announced more than $422 million in preliminary awards that will ensure communities in the most needy have reliable and safe drinking water and wastewater systems.

“Because we have remained focused on protecting lives and livelihoods throughout the pandemic, Georgia is now able to make strategic and transformational investments in our state’s water and sewer infrastructure. said Governor Brian Kemp. “I would like to thank the committee members for dedicating their time and expertise to help us present these awards, as well as the grants team in the Office of Planning and Budget. I am proud to know that we have worked hard to prioritize projects that address pressing public health and environmental issues, support economic development, and improve our ability to be good stewards of our water resources for generations to come. .

These investments will:

  • Improve the treatment of drinking water;
  • Extend drinking water service to regions that need it; *Improve drinking water infrastructure, including interconnections and additional sources to ensure the resilience of the water system; high-tech metering and asset management systems to improve the responsiveness of the drinking water system to problems such as leaks or pipe breaks; increase or replace pipes to reduce leaks and water loss; and development and replacement of lead pipe stocks;
  • Improve wastewater treatment, resulting in cleaner lakes and rivers;
  • Improve biosolids management, resulting in less waste in our landfills;
  • Improving sewage systems, which reduces spills that can pose threats to public health and environmental quality; and
  • Secure Georgia’s water resources for future generations.

The Office of the Governor would like to thank all of the committee members who played a key role in evaluating the nominations:

Mark Williams – Commissioner, Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Rick Dunn – Director, Environmental Protection Division (EPD)
Kevin Clark – Executive Director, Georgia Environmental Finance Authority
John Eunice – Deputy Director, EPD
Dr Anna Truszczynski – Head of Watershed Protection Division, EPD
Dr. Wei Zeng – Water Protection Program Manager, EPD
Senator Blake Tillery – Chairman, Senate Appropriations Committee
Rep. Terry England – Chairman, House Appropriations Committee
Rep. Dominic LaRiccia – Georgia House of Representatives
Rep. Robert Dickey – Chairman, House Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee
Senator Russ Goodman – Governor’s Floor Chief
Senator Larry Walker – Chairman, Senate Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee
Senator Freddie Powell Sims – Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Interstate Cooperation


For those who applied and were awarded, please click here for more information. Please see the full list of winners below:

Adairville, $1,583,000.00
Alapaha, $750,000.00
Arabic, $4,510,685.00
Ashburn, $1,680,000.00
Attapulgus, $1,223,425.00
Auburn, $3,041,680.00
Bainbridge, $21,896,427.00
Banks County Commissioners, $3,178,702.48
Bartow County, $10,382,500.00
Baxley, $1,530,418.00
Blackshear, $500,000.00
Blue Ridge, $1,000,000.00
Bluffton, $1,282,050.00
Braselton, $416,500.00
Stream, $2,031,000.00
Brunswick-Glynn Joint Water and Sewer Commission, $1,900,000.00
Butler, $334,889.00
Cairo, $1,224,000.00
Center for Rural Prosperity and Innovation-Warthen, GA, $221,538.00
Center for Rural Prosperity and Innovation – Parrott, $137,215.00
Center for Rural Prosperity and Innovation – ABAC Water Tower and Well, $758,477.00
City of Adel, 946 $100.00
City of Albany, $12,226,560.00
Town of Dudley, $486,640.00
Town of Folkston, $5,074,904.00
Town of Hoschton (wastewater treatment), $2,000,000.00
Town of Hoschton (drinking water), $400,000.00
City of Smyrna, $4,000,000.00
City of Valdosta – Utilities Department, $12,075,000.00
Town of Warner Robins, $11,000,000.00
Clarkesville, $422,480.00
Comer, $337,920.00
Concord, $312,500.00
Coolidge, $624,238.00
Cordele, $10,000,000.00
Crawford, 676 $240.00
Culloden, $81,000.00
City of Dallas, $1,226,337.00
Dawson, $1,200,000.00
Dawsonville, $3,000,000.00
Department of Natural Resources and Albany State University, $49,800,000.00
Donaldsonville, $225,000.00
Douglas, $2,110,000.00
Douglas County, $750,000.00
East Dublin, $775,030.00
Eatonton-Putnam Water and Sewer Authority (EPWSA), $3,063,500.00
Fannin County Water Authority, $373,650.00
Fargo, $116,000.00
Fitzgerald, $2,542,348.00
Forsyth, $3,900,000.00
Forsyth County Finances, $32,600,000.00
Gilmer County, $286,427.00
Girard, $142,417.00
Glenville, $1,472,785.94
Grantville, $44,125.00
Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners, $15,000,000.00
Hahira, $9,504,417.00
Hogansville, $2,100,000.00
Homerville, $1,746,720.00
Houston County, $3,230,700.00
Iron City, $2,165,063.00
Irwin County, $358,400.00
Ivey, $546,000.00
Jesup, $6,876,837.00
Jones County, $3,969,333.06
Lake Park, $465,395.00
Lakeland, $1,582,082.00
Leary, $4,512,850.00
Liberty County (drinking water), $561,468.75
Liberty County (water system extension), $2,016,715.54
Lincolnton, $579,169.01
Long County, $3,000,000.00
Lowndes County, $5,250,000.00
Lyons, $1,580,756.00
Manchester, $1,617,614.00
Marion County Board of Commissioners, $1,020,000.00
Marshallville, $75,825.00
Meigs, $1,016,400.00
Monroe County, $6,000,000.00
Moultrie, $3,570,550.00
Mount Vernon, $929,606.00
Norman Park, $5,426,910.00
Oak Park, $659,225.00
Odum, $1,344,400.00
Oglethorpe, $3,406,222.00
Pavo, $1,392,230.00
Pelham, $972,300.00
Pembroke, $8,661,250.00
Ray City, $840,000.00
Richland, $1,850,000.00
Rincon, $7,374,685.36
Rutledge, $159,125.00
Schley County, $1,082,921.00
Scotland, $593,934.00
Shell, $138,700.00
Shiloh, $296,233.50
Springfield, $1,675,000.00
Summerville, $1,147,812.50
Sylvania, $3,055,442.27
Tattnall County, $619,050.00
Tennille, $11,981,897.69
Tifton, $3,770,000.00
Tignall, $624,000.00
Price of $4,315,000.00
Twiggs County Board of Commissioners, $9,429,956.00
Twin town, $303,553.74
Unadilla, $426,531.00
Union County, $1,690,000.00
Uvalda, $1,158,156.00
Vidalia, $4,000,000.00
Waleska, $845,007.00
Walker County Clean Water Authority, $20,000,000.00
Warren County, $605,202.20
Waynesboro, $2,047,050.00
Winder, $10,000,000.00
Wrightsville, $7,049,645.00

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