Taiwan Plastics Industry Association Promotes Digital Transformation and Net Zero Emissions for Greater Value and ESG Goals

TAIPEI, November 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Taiwan Plastics Industry Association recently held its 20e Second general assembly during which the organization congratulated its most outstanding members. Acknowledging changing global conditions, President Benker Liao made a strong case for the transformation of the plastics industry, suggesting that the association and its members focus on the high value-added market, while taking steps needed to grow from a major emitter to a high-value player through digital transformation and net-zero carbon emissions.

Liao said the plastics industry, as the third largest manufacturing sector in Taiwan, is transitioning to high value-added materials such as high-performance biodegradable and biomedical polymer materials, nano-composites, environmentally friendly plastics and high-functionality materials. To cite an example, SOUTH PLASTIC INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. has partnered with Polymateria, a British company, to create a new generation of biodegradable plastic, Cycle+, as a food packaging material by adding its bio-based additives to standard plastic. formula. The new formulation breaks down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass within two years, leaving no microplastics or harmful substances in the environment.

In response to inflation and changes in the international situation, the association supports its members in technological upgrading and digital transformation. TOFORD PLASTIC MANUFACTURING CORP., established 40 years ago, has produced a variety of high quality PVC pipes with its strong manufacturing and research and development (R&D) capabilities. In recent years, the company has undertaken digital management, reduced consumables and developed proven PVC pipes with a significantly longer life cycle, minimizing the use of plastics and contributing to environmental protection.

TFU INDUSTRY CO., LTD. produced plastic films by applying special plastic granules and lightweight foam, and launched a line of thin and lightweight products that reduce environmental impact and meet ESG requirements. In addition to reduced weight and a uniform surface, the thin and light foam technology also enabled the recycling of production waste.

PINKBRAND CO., LTD. adopted its unique patented mold design to produce and market a rare two-color chain, which can be molded in one process at any length and without requiring manual intervention such as splicing plastic chains conventional strings. The chain has passed non-toxic quality and safety inspections and is used by many major Japanese manufacturers. With sophisticated technological and digital capabilities, LONG TEAM INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has updated all of its processes to meet Industry 4.0 specifications, while building a product-based ecosystem in concert with industry players across the supply chain, with the aim of extend its reach beyond the manufacturing sector, providing a good example of digital transformation for the plastic mold making industry.

With the rise of the circular economy, stakeholders in Taiwan the plastics industry seeks to transform itself by developing a wide range of products for energy conservation and reduction of carbon emissions. For example, Uplus has launched – TheOne Solar Film, which has obtained patent certifications from 46 countries and regions. The product has excellent resistance to ultraviolet and infrared rays for higher heat transmission and retention, allowing users to enjoy cooler summer and warmer winter. According to statistics, Uplus can effectively improve energy efficiency by more than 18%.

Additionally, TE PACKAGING & GIFT MFG. INC. has invested in the R&D of organic carbon film bags, as well as recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging materials. The firm has launched a 100% plastic-free zip pouch. To contribute to the green effort, FRANK & ASSOCIATES PLASTIC CO., LTD. (FAP) has replaced traditional thermoset plastics with UV and weather resistant materials, as well as halogen-free, easy-tear materials, in an effort to reduce its marine and environmental footprint. Its degradable plastic film has received DIN & BPI certification.

The Taiwan Plastics Industry Association stressed that the plastics industry should move towards high-value and value-added materials. It plans to expand the integration of research and academic resources according to industrial needs to develop key technologies, actively engage in international exhibitions and marketing efforts, with the aim of ensuring the industry a dominant position in the high value-added market, to open a new chapter for Taiwan plastics manufacturers.


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