Significant new funding for the modernization of the NJ’s water infrastructure



The dilapidated state of New Jersey’s water infrastructure is an old story. The precise source of all the money needed to upgrade this infrastructure is an ongoing mystery. Good news, therefore, in an announcement from the Murphy administration that $ 386 million is committed to major investments in infrastructure “that improve public health, protect the environment and create green jobs”.

The State Department of Environmental Protection, working with the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank, has sold bonds – which will mature until 2050 – which will provide a total of $ 386 million for the projects.

Projects include green infrastructure, improved sewer collection and treatment, improved drinking water treatment and distribution, as well as projects aimed at reducing or eliminating combined sewer overflows. in environmental justice communities. They are expected to create 4,630 jobs statewide. Among the projects included:

  • Passaic Valley Sewer Commission, $ 6.5 million for upgrades to increase wet weather treatment capacity, thereby reducing the frequency and duration of combined sewer overflows in member communities;
  • Canton of Plums, $ 22.8 million for the construction of an advanced wastewater treatment facility to eliminate failing septic systems;
  • Little Egg Harbor Municipal Utilities Authority, $ 6.1 million to replace aging drinking water pipes and build a new drinking water treatment plant;
  • Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority, $ 72 million for upgrading the sludge digester at the wastewater treatment plant to reduce the amount of sludge generated and generate enough biogas to meet 50% of the facility’s energy needs. treatment.


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