Roswell Council votes to move forward with sewer project

ROSWELL – Roswell Village Council has voted to allow the Tuscarawas County Water and Sewer District to proceed with the planning and engineering of a sanitary sewer system for the village.

Thursday’s vote was unanimous by the five board members present: Justin Eggerton, Mackenzie Pringle, Larry Pringle, Mitch Belknap and board chair Dennis Leggett.

Councilor Amanda Leggett has been excused due to a reception at the family school.

Belknap said he and Eggerton conducted a village-wide investigation into residents’ feelings about the sewer project. The survey resulted in 54 households in favor of the project and 15 against.

Eggerton then said he felt they needed to move forward with the project or risked being cited by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. This would result in heavy fines for the village.

“We spoke to residents and provided them with all the information we have. Now is the time to move forward. he said.

The Ohio EPA performed several tests of Beaverdam Creek water in 2013, 2016, and 2018. The water samples significantly exceeded public health standards for E. coli.

The contamination was attributed to faulty septic systems in the village. Village officials have been told that unless the county takes over the leadership of the project, they will not receive any grants for the system.

The cost of the sewer system is estimated at $ 2.5 million.

The council agreed at a recent committee meeting to allocate US bailout funds to user fees, if allowed. Residents would be responsible for the cost of the line from their homes to the main sewer line, Belknap said.

Finance officer Kim Meek Obed said she needs to consider what the money can be used for before doing so. The village will receive $ 11,000 this year and $ 11,000 for 2022. If allowed, that would be $ 283 for each household.

Some residents are already paying into a fund that would cover their user fees, Obed said.


• Heard the second reading of an ordinance regarding the use of trailers / mobile homes / storage containers within the village corporation boundaries.

• Learned from Police Chief Donna Patterson that the Ohio Attorney General is requiring 24 hour certification for the upcoming year. Twelve hours of training will be paid for through a grant.

• Agreed to organize a contest for “Best Decorated Home” this Christmas season. Judging will take place on December 23 and a trophy will be awarded to the winner. Council members are exempt from the competition. An event with Santa was also discussed, but details need to be finalized.


• Heard Wilma Mullet, Executive Director of the Tuscarawas Arts Partnership, discuss a sculpture project launched in 19 communities. The piece would be shaped in Tuscarawas County and local artists are invited to paint or create something unique for their community. Due to a large turnover for 2022 on the board, it was agreed to give a “maybe” for participation in the project. Mullet said she would be back in January.

• Mayor Cathy Beach thanked Eggerton, Leggett, resident Sam Weaver and Tom Moss, for filling in the potholes. Eggerton said a grant is needed to look after a large area on School Street.

• Discussion of issues regarding the community hall not being cleaned after rental. The agreement needs to be revamped and a checklist is needed for tenants to get the cleanup completed.

• Obed said the 2 year audit has been completed and is awaiting the return of village records.

FOLLOWING Will meet on December 16 at 6 p.m. in the community building.

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