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Scott Stringer, the city comptroller, has years of government experience and great ideas for making New York City better. But her candidacy was clouded by the recent accusation by Jean Kim, a lobbyist who once worked for him, that he groped her and tried to pressure her to have sex with him in 2001. Mr Stringer strongly denies his allegations. Voters will have to draw their own conclusions.

We are concerned about how Maya Wiley, a civil rights lawyer who served as Mr de Blasio’s lawyer, would do as a manager of the vast municipal bureaucracy. Former Citi executive Ray McGuire, although he has an impressive biography and enjoys the trust of the New York business community, seems detached from the pulse of the city. Shaun Donovan looks more like a Washington insider than a mayor of a big city. We are concerned that former nonprofit leader Dianne Morales does not have the necessary experience and that politics is too far removed from the mainstream to be a successful mayor.

Tech entrepreneur and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang topped many early polls, promising to make the city fun again, with appealing optimism. But nothing so far suggests he has the experience to lead New York City on Day 1. (Credit or criticism where it’s due: we said when he asked for our approval for the Democratic nominee to the presidency that we hoped he would get involved with. New York politics.)

Mr. Yang pays the utmost attention in the race for the important role the mayor will play in attracting people to the city as the pandemic comes to an end; other candidates focused on those who never left. However, today’s New York City needs leadership that will prioritize both.

The city’s recovery and its longer-term future also depend on a mayor who will understand and implement the levers of good government. The same goes for its most vulnerable residents. The bottom line counts for the challenges ahead, when federal aid funds dry up, moratoriums on evictions end and final pandemic bills fall due.

Kathryn Garcia can lead a government that meets the needs of all New Yorkers. She would be the first woman to hold the job, but there are plenty of other reasons to give her the job. Even the favorite agrees: Mr. Yang has praised Ms. Garcia and repeatedly suggested he would hire her to run the city. “If Andrew Yang thinks I need to run his government, then maybe I should just run the government,” Garcia told us.

Agreed. Eliminate the middleman and elect the most qualified person: Kathryn Garcia.

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