New Braunfels Seeks Funding for Dry Comal Creek Trail Works | Community alert


New Braunfels Town leaders hope to soon take the first step towards building the Dry Comal Creek Hiking and Biking Trail, a project ranked as one of the city’s top strategic priorities.

Officials envision the Dry Comal Creek Greenway as a linear trail park that will connect neighborhoods to local destinations, existing and future trails, and provide recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.

Plans call for the trail, a 10-foot-wide concrete multi-use trail with public access to the U.S. Disability Act, as well as for cyclists, walkers and runners, to extend approximately 0.75 miles long between North Walnut Avenue and Landa Street and approximately 0.35 miles between Landa Street and Elizabeth Avenue.

The project is a section of a larger portion of the proposed Dry Comal Creek Greenway that could eventually connect to the Little League ball fields and Loop 337.

But a source of funding is needed before putting these plans in place.

City officials have placed the project as its top priority for funding transportation alternatives to the Alamo Region Metropolitan Planning Organization, which is a special funding allocation for bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

“This project has been part of our hiking and biking vernacular for several years,” said Ylda Capriccioso, city park development manager, in a recent presentation to members of the New Braunfels Economic Development Corporation. “We have included it in various strategic master plans. We completed a specific master plan for the Dry Comal Creek Greenway with the National Park Service in 2019. It is often incorporated into one of the opportunity areas for the hiking and biking trail plan. It was one of the projects that qualified as a good candidate for those alternative transportation dollars. “

If awarded for AAMPO funding, the city would be responsible for 20% of the construction twinning, which is currently estimated at $ 500,000. The cost of the entire project, including design and construction, is estimated at $ 2.85 million.

The city completed the preliminary design of the project in 2018.

A project expenditure proposal under consideration, a contract with Bain Medina Bain estimated at $ 340,960, would fund the final design of the project to include civil, survey, environment, orientation, material testing and landscape architecture.

The NBEDC did not follow up on the proposed expenditure, pending the AAMPO funding decision scheduled for August.

In January, New Braunfels City Council members adopted the first updated hiking and biking plan since 2010. The plan identifies on- and off-street trail connections with neighborhoods, parks, schools and the businesses of the city and its extraterritorial jurisdiction.

With its significant growth since 2010, the city has reassessed its comprehensive trail inventory, adopted standards for trails, identified new and expanded possibilities to implement the trail vision, and incorporated the newly adopted planning studies.

The plan also provides staff, elected and appointed officials, the development community and citizens with a more accurate picture of current trails and future corridor planning and implementation efforts.

Completion of the Dry Comal Creek Trail was ranked sixth out of 16 CMNB strategic priorities, and this spending would mark the first section of trail construction.

Likewise, the city’s Parks and Recreation Department received the 2021 Planning Excellence Award for the Dry Comal Creek Greenway Master Plan they led with the Parks Department. nationals at a city council meeting last month.

The Texas Recreation and Park Society Award recognizes a planning project that displays a high degree of professional analysis, quality planning principles, and organizational or city / county / state value. The award also aims to encourage and expand cooperation between planning consultants and park and recreation professionals.

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