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US Congressman Garret Graves joined members of the Louisiana Congressional delegation to set the record straight on how infrastructure legislation currently before Congress would affect Louisiana. The letter was released following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s withdrawal from a $ 4.3 trillion welfare expansion and $ 1.2 trillion in stimulus and infrastructure bills. of dollars.

Declaration of graves:

“Yesterday we just passed a law to provide assistance to victims of hurricanes Laura, Delta, Zeta and Ida who are trying to rebuild their homes and businesses. The law also includes estimated $ 2 billion in funding for flood control, coastal restoration and hurricane protection to help make southern Louisiana a safer place to live. It’s a big victory for Louisiana, but we continue to have significant infrastructure needs.

“Any infrastructure bill must really solve our traffic problems, help improve broadband access, improve flood protection and restore our coastline. We cannot support efforts to tax the citizens of Louisiana to build projects in New York and California.

“I am committed to working with Republicans and Democrats to help craft an infrastructure bill that is fair to the citizens of Louisiana, transparent, and that truly delivers a return on investment.”

A key excerpt from the letter can be found below, and the full letter can be found here:

“In recent years, we have secured approximately $ 10 billion in infrastructure improvements in Louisiana. From the elevation of LA-1 and the multiple expansions of I-10 and I-12, to the west coast protection and committee diversion projects, the Monroe Street corridor project and many many port improvements, securing funding for critical infrastructure in Louisiana has always been a priority for our delegation to Congress. We fully support responsible investment in Louisiana’s infrastructure needs. But the recent actions of the Biden administration jeopardize that opportunity for our state, and the massive legislative package before Congress is, quite simply, bad for Louisiana. “

“For starters, the bill provides less than 10% of new funding for roads, bridges and states like Louisiana, while injecting funds into urban transportation programs at $ 170 billion. Sixty percent of those transit formula funds go to just ten metropolitan areas – and none are in Louisiana. “

“In addition, one of the most important federal missions in Louisiana is the implementation of water resources projects by the US Army Corps of Engineers. But Biden made it clear in his budget earlier this year that the Corps will not fund any projects that benefit or reduce the cost of gasoline, oil, or natural gas, which could potentially hurt many anti-damage projects. flooding in our state.

“While we agree that our nation has been waiting for significant infrastructure investments for a long time, the administration has already made it clear that it intends to politically manipulate the beneficiaries, as we have seen. in the Obama-Biden administration’s ARRA. Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg has announced he will allocate funds for transport projects based on environmental justice, climate change and union expansion. When these criteria were first applied to a major grant program, no road project in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama or Florida received funding.

The signatories of the letter are:

Senator John Kennedy; Members of Congress Garret Graves, Mike Johnson, Steve Scalise, Clay Higgins and Julia Letlow.



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