How to deal with valuables and delicate items to save money?

Valuables are often very delicate.

Sacred objects, fine arts, antiques, fragile electronic equipment, heirlooms, original historical documents, coins and stamps, silverware, crystal chandeliers and fine jewelry, among others , are often considered precious and delicate. Here are some helpful ideas to help you save money when it comes to dealing with valuable and delicate items.

Shipping insurance software

Shipping insurance software is designed to help you keep track of damage during shipment that is insured. It electronically records incidents of damage and loss. Like the people of Cabrella explain, this type of software provides convenient access to copies of receipts for expenses and insurance claims. Reports can be printed, containing information on all of your damaged shipments, organized by date of shipment, the name of each damaged or lost item, the serial numbers of those items, the amount claimed, the reason for the loss and the number of items. ‘other information.

Bubble wrap


Bubble wrap is typically used to protect fragile items during shipping, but it can also be used on a daily basis to protect your valuables. Wrapping books in bubble wrap is especially effective when packing them in book boxes. This will help prevent the corners of the hard cover from bumping against the edges. Two or three layers of bubble wrap also make a great liner for the bottom of a box, as it will both protect the item and prevent fragile items from slipping off during transit. This way you to save money that would otherwise be used to replace the valuable item.

Foam padding

Foam padding is one of those things that you tend to overlook until it’s too late. However, it is very important when packing fragile items to ensure that they are properly protected. If you have a valuable vase or knickknacks, wrap it in bubble wrap or tissue paper before placing it in its box. You can also purchase foam padding from your local shipping supply store and place it between items if needed. This will help protect the item from damage and also provide a cushion of space to prevent the item from bouncing back into its shipping box so that no extra money is spent on restoring the item’s value when it is damaged.

Moisture Absorbing Silica Bags

Moisture absorbent silica bags are often used for packaging electronic or other items that can be damaged by moisture. You can use them in combination with foam padding for even more protection. It is important to keep these types of valuables away from moisture, as damage can cost you up to $ 1,000 and more.

Tag all items

When shipping or storing expensive or delicate items, make sure they are labeled with a “Fragile” or “Handle With Care” label, and that they have warning labels affixed to all of them. the sides of the box. This will help to prevent them from being mishandled during transport by overzealous managers. It is also important to clearly mark your boxes so that they do not get mixed up or misdelivered when shipping. Also, you should always make sure to include the name and phone number of an emergency contact person. This will prevent you from wasting money on finding lost items.


In conclusion, valuables and delicate items should be handled with care in order to save money. This includes using shipping insurance software, bubble wrap, foam padding, moisture wicking silica bags, and clearly marking all of these items as valuable or fragile. Additionally, be sure to label them with a warning not to handle them roughly or mistreat them. This way, you will avoid the risks and costs associated with replacing or repairing your items.

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