Hawke’s Brewing finances an environmental project


Funding from a Endangered Species Grant from Hawke’s Brewing Landcare enabled Capertee Valley Landcare to implement its Water for the birds of the woods project by installing water points in the main breeding sites of the Regent Honeyeater.

Located in the central highlands of New South Wales, the Capertee Valley is a key biodiversity area that is home to over 240 species of birds, including a number of threatened and declining woodland birds. It is also one of the most important breeding grounds for the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater.

With rivers, tributaries and water points being so altered and degraded that they are no longer a reliable source of water, these vulnerable species are left in competition for drinking, making it difficult for them to survive.

Capertee Valley Landcare hired local volunteers to help with the successful installation of four long-term bird watering stations at key locations near known Regent Honeyeater nesting sites that did not yet have water supplies.

Kerrie Cooke, President of Capertee Valley Landcare, says: “By providing a necessary resource for some of our most vulnerable species, like the Regent Honeyeater, we are saving time to learn how to improve, heal and regenerate our landscape to become a safe place. . for these species to flourish again.

“Through this project, we are now providing water to our woodland birds in a safe environment, close to their preferred habitat and nesting areas.”

Hawke’s Brewing Co. co-founder Nathan Lennon said: “It has been incredibly rewarding to support several Landcare groups, like our comrades in Capertee Valley, and to help fund vital community projects. It’s wonderful to see the incredible environmental results they’ve worked so hard for.

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke was integral in founding the non-profit Landcare Australia in 1989. He remained a staunch supporter of the land protection movement throughout his life. According to Nathan, Bob’s only condition for allowing the company to use his name was that 100% of his royalties be donated to Landcare Australia. Mr. Hawke’s estate generously pursues this arrangement.

“Our promise to Bob was to make Hawke’s a national brand, worthy of his heritage, while giving all Australians the opportunity not only to enjoy our beers, but to do their part for our beautiful environment. We have always said that we would like to contribute over $ 1 million in donations to Landcare Australia. As we evolve to become national, this milestone is approaching, ”said Lennon.

Since 2017, nearly $ 300,000 in contributions to Landcare Australia from Hawke’s beer sales have helped fund numerous projects, including the 2020 Hawke’s Landcare Endangered Species grants which, in addition to the Capertee Landcare Group, have supported the Native Animal Rescue Group in New South Wales and Kersbrook. Landcare Group in South Australia.

In 2022, Hawke’s is expected to fund a city-focused environmental project run by Landcare Australia, along with other special initiatives to be announced at a later date.

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