Great Bay Stewards Launches Tide Turner Program So You Can Help


GREENLAND – The Great Bay Stewards have announced the launch of the Tide Turner program, whereby area residents commit to making small changes to make the watershed a little healthier. Participants pledge to take five of the seven actions to keep Great Bay healthy, and receive a yard sign with the Tide Turner logo, a welcome pack, and information about special events and opportunities.

“Almost 25 percent of New Hampshire’s population is in the Great Bay watershed,” says Deborah Alberts, Chairman of the Board of Stewards. “Homeowners who make only small changes, like using less fertilizer or planting native plants, can make a huge difference to the health of the bay and its connected rivers. Many people may already be doing them without realizing it.

The seven possible businesses include reducing lawn fertilizers; pick up your dog’s poop; plant a rain garden; lend a helping hand locally through beach clean-up or volunteering as a bird or fish monitor; maintenance of your septic tank as recommended; be a better steward of the environment by gardening with native plants, eliminating invasive species or using plants favorable to pollinators; and – the easiest of all – to go out, enjoy the rivers, the beaches and the Grande Baie.

More information about each task can be found on the Tide Turners page at on the Great Bay Stewards website. This program was made possible through a grant to aid friends and the foundation of the National Estuarine Research Reserve Association.

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