Former board member Levin to lead environmental nonprofit

Stephen Levin, former member of the city council and now CEO of Solar One. Photo courtesy of Solar One

Stephen Levin, who represented the 33rd City Councile District, which has stretched from Boerum Hill to Greenpoint for 12 years, is now appointed CEO of Solar One, a nonprofit that in its own words “is dedicated to sustainability and resilience in neighborhoods. urban ”.

Solar One offers a wide variety of programs providing environmental education services to various program participants. He welcomes Stephen to lead the organization into its next phase of growth, building on a solid financial foundation, highly regarded programs and strong partnerships with government agencies and community partners.

During his tenure as a board member and as chair of the New York City Council General Welfare Committee, Levin focused on ensuring that families and homeless people have access to permanent housing and to ensure long-term support for those in the foster care system.

During his tenure, he served on several committees, including the environmental protection, land use, cultural affairs, education and transportation committees, as well as the land use on monuments and public sites.

Among his other accomplishments, Stephen negotiated several land use planning projects, expanded affordable housing and improved access to open spaces. He was instrumental in the development of the 27-acre Bushwick Inlet Park in Williamsburg. He also sponsored legislation to eliminate PCBs from New York City schools and co-sponsored the Climate Mobilization Act, a set of climate laws designed to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in New York City.

A graduate of Brown University, Levin began his career in New York City as a community organizer in Bushwick, managing programs for lead-free homes and anti-predator loans. He then worked with the New York State Assembly for three years, focusing on affordable housing.

Sara Queen, Chairman of the Solar One Board of Directors, said: “Stephen’s passion for the environment, his leadership experience and his deep commitment to working to improve communities make him an excellent choice to lead Solar One. . His time with New York City Council uniquely qualifies him with a deep understanding of the imperatives of building more resilient communities and will guide him in using our organization’s many initiatives and programs to do so.

“Stephen, along with our talented and professional staff, will be opening our new workforce training center and offices in 2022,” he added.

“I am delighted to join the incredibly talented team at Solar One,” said Levin. “In order to face the existential challenges of climate change, we must do our part in New York to move towards a sustainable future here, and Solar One has been at the forefront of this movement for years.

“The Green Design Lab brings experiential learning around green technologies to thousands of New York City K-12 students. The Green Workforce program has provided skills and certifications in green construction, operations and maintenance to hundreds of New Yorkers per year, which will be essential for years to come. Here Comes Solar is doing the integral work of establishing affordable solar power in buildings and communities in New York City, and continues to grow, ”he added.

In addition to his other projects, Stephen will lead a partnership Solar One has with the Economic Development Corporation, facilitating the stewardship of Stuyvesant Cove Park on the East River downstream from 23e Street and a new Solar One environmental education center to be built in the park in the near future.

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