Elden Ring is going to be the next “Water Cooler” game

One of the goals of network television has always been to create what co-workers would discuss while standing around the office water cooler. Shows like Friends, Cheersand Seinfeld were all major hits at the time, with modern hits like game of thrones, stranger thingsand squid game all showing that the ‘water cooler’ effect is still there, even though the discussion has shifted to online platforms like Twitter. This “water cooler” effect is not limited to television, and Ring of Elden looks like it might just be the next “water cooler” game.


In March 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild released alongside the Nintendo Switch and became the most talked about game for a few months. Rather than speculating on who might sit on the Iron Throne, players would discuss the last shrine they found, the last tower they climbed, or an absurd encounter they had with a pack of Bokoblins. Although a breath of the wild the sequel is currently set to drop this year, Ring of Elden is in place first and seems to be able to produce the same effect.

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Elden Ring has more possible boss strategies than ever


FromSoftware games are often in the limelight, with the dark souls series, transmitted by bloodand sekiro all enjoying plenty of critical and fan discussion after release. Much of the discussion surrounding FromSoftware’s previous titles has centered around their infamous series of difficult bosses and the methods players have used to defeat them.

When dark souls 3 released, the discussion surrounding this game focused on the game’s toughest bosses and the classes, weapons, and spells players used to gain the upper hand. The same can be said for the latest version of FromSoftware Sekiro: Shadows Die Twiceplayers diverting attention from classes and weapons to discuss which consumable items and blocking patterns are best suited for the game’s tough bosses.

Ring of Elden looks like it will continue this trend and expand it. While Ring of Elden has the same number of classes as dark souls, the 10 that players can choose from seem a bit more distinct. The variety of weapons in Ring of Elden, and how they can be used, also appear to be more distinct than previous FromSoft games with twin blades, daggers, longswords, bows, and multiple types of magic all present. This should offer a unique moveset that can be changed on the fly.

Weapon arts of dark souls 3 also make a return, with each weapon having an alternate attack that can fire a magic blast or perform a devastating move. Power positions of dark souls 2 are also featured, allowing players to wield two weapons of the same type and receive a unique moveset that uses both at the same time.

These additional class differences, weapon types, and alternate move styles all combine to create Ring of Elden seems to be one of the most varied FromSoftware games, giving it the potential to be one of the most talked about releases of the year, as greater variation between playstyles means there will be more strategies than ever

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Open Exploration at Elden Ring


In gameplay footage and a lengthy network test demo sent out a few months ago, Ring of Elden drew more than a few comparisons with breath of the wild. Some comparisons are unmistakable, but that’s not a bad thing.

Ring of Elden it looks like it might just capture the same sense of freedom and exploration that breath of the wild gave to the players. From everything fans have seen, the game appears to be extremely open, with no dedicated map markers showing players points of interest. In the network test, players were only able to explore a small portion of the map, but even within this small segment, they were able to experience a wide array of hidden tombs, caves, and optional boss battles.

After testing the network, many players discussed what they found, which revealed that some players had a totally different experience finding areas and boss fights, coming into contact with a variety of enemies. different. If network testing is something to do, Ring of EldenThe full version of is dedicated to developing this factor ten.

when he goes out, Ring of Elden will certainly spark the same discussions as breath of the wild do. Players will talk about the different caves they found, secret bosses, and how they were attacked by a gang of unique enemies. With Ring of EldenWith a focus on leveling and loot, discussions about where to find the best armor and weapons are also likely to take place.

FromSoftware’s signature storytelling

elden ring bear enemy miniboss official leaked screenshot

FromSoftware has a particular style for telling a narrative, with most of the plot in its games being told through an opening cutscene and then environmental clues and object knowledge. Those who dived into dark souls‘lore know how confusing, yet rewarding, this kind of storytelling can be.

Although Ring of Elden seems to have a simpler narrative, with game of thrones‘ George RR Martin lending his writing skills to the game. Still, he’s certain to stick to his roots, and there will be a whole host of lore details hidden in unassuming dialogue and descriptions of objects. As is the case with all FromSoftware titles, this is sure to spark years of discussion on YouTube, and it’s yet another area in which Ring of Elden should achieve that “water cooler” effect.

Ring of Elden releases February 25, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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