Diriyah, Jewel of the Kingdom: Diriyah promotes nature conservation throughout the development site

Officials of a multibillion-dollar Saudi megaproject took part in World Nature Conservation Day on Thursday to highlight the importance of preserving the environment and natural resources.

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority’s sustainable development plan focuses on creating a thriving community in a desert environment with all its necessary infrastructure while protecting fragile ecosystems.

Observed annually on July 28, World Conservation Day aims to raise awareness about environmental protection, conservation of natural resources and the impacts of climate change.

One of the main missions of the DGDA is to use the power of innovation to actively revitalize and regenerate the historic Diriyah in harmony with nature, while positively enabling the local community to adopt greener lifestyles. .

The project is a key contributor to the Saudi sustainability goals and is aligned with Vision 2030 and the Saudi Green Initiative.

As the impact of Vision 2030 will be felt across all regions and sectors of Saudi Arabia, cities across the Kingdom are expected to demonstrate greater environmental sustainability.

The authority recently obtained leadership in energy and environment design (LEED) pre-certification from the US Green Building Council for Cities Platinum for the first phase of the Diriyah Gate development, recognizing its commitment to meeting the highest national and international standards in of durability.

The Saudi Green Initiative, under Vision 2030, brings together environmental protection, energy transformation and sustainable development programs to achieve three overarching goals to achieve the common goal of a green future, to namely reducing emissions, greening Saudi Arabia and protecting land. and the sea. The DGDA will contribute to the three objectives of the Saudi Green Initiative.

Throughout the development, the priority will be to include native and drought-tolerant species in the landscaping, which will contribute to a significant enhancement of the natural setting and ensure that the demand for irrigation is reduced.

The authority has also given priority to the protection and rehabilitation of valuable natural resources, such as wadis and escarpments in the project area. The careful revitalization and protection of wadis, desert landscapes and escarpments is at the heart of the project.

For example, the preservation of historic date palm farms in Wadi Hanifah and the substantial planting of native species in the region will help make Riyadh greener.

Additionally, the Diriyah site contains cultural assets that showcase the Kingdom’s biodiversity and natural resources, helping to educate the community about the country’s conservation efforts.

Through the study and implementation of energy demand reduction and energy efficiency measures, the authority will contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and support national efforts to address the impacts of climate change.

At the community level, DGDA aims to help residents understand the importance of nature conservation by hosting online educational resources, running workshops in schools, running campaigns such as the Plant Your Land initiative and developing a supervisory area planning framework to promote agricultural studies in universities.

Earlier this year, the authority encouraged the local community to adopt eco-friendly living practices through the 3-R approach of reduce, reuse and recycle, while encouraging the use of tote bags. all in durable fabric and reusable water bottles instead of plastic bags and bottles. .

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