DHS to terminate border barrier contracts in Laredo and Rio Grande Valley – Corridor News


WASHINGTON – Pursuant to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) border barrier plan, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), in coordination with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), intends to cancel contracts for remaining border barrier located at the US border. The Laredo de Patrol sector (USBP) and all border barrier contracts located in the Rio Grande Valley sector.

CBP will then begin environmental planning and actions in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Law (NEPA) for previously planned border barrier system projects located in the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo and El Centro areas. .

Environmental planning activities will cover projects funded with DHS Barrier System appropriations for the 2018-2021 fiscal year that have not yet started construction. These activities include additional studies on biological, cultural and natural resources for project areas where no data has been collected previously.

CBP will also conduct comprehensive and targeted outreach with interested stakeholders, including affected landowners, tribes, local and state elected officials, and federal agencies.

These activities will not involve any construction of new border barriers or permanent land acquisition.

The administration continues to call on Congress to cancel remaining funding for the border wall and instead fund smarter border security measures, such as border technology and modernization of land ports of entry, which have proven to be successful. more effective in improving border safety and security.

Until Congress cancels these funds, the law requires DHS to use the funds in accordance with their proper purpose, and the commencement of environmental planning activities is part of the department’s plan to do so.

This announcement does not affect previously approved remediation projects needed to address life, safety and environmental restoration issues in the Rio Grande Valley, San Diego and El Centro areas. , according to the plan of the ministry.

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