COVID’s “Roots”, “Protest,” Beach BBQ on Day 2 Tap


British President Falmouth-Joe Biden and leaders of the world’s richest countries on Saturday crafted a strategy to counter the growing influence of China, another global health crisis like COVID-19 that I have sought a way to to avoid.

And at the end of the day? There was a barbecue on the beach.

Saturday was day two of the Group of Seven Summit in Cornwall, England. The rally was the first face-to-face meeting of leaders since the onset of the coronavirus crisis, and much of the debate called British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “at least the most tragic pandemic the world has been on. faced throughout our life “. I focus on what it is.

Here are five important moments of Saturday:

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“Root” pandemic

COVID-19 A session on health policies focused on tackling the root causes of the pandemic at the global level. The discussion brought together counterparts from South Korea, South Africa, Australia and India, the United Nations Secretary-General and leaders of other international organizations.

The leaders were to announce what they called the “Carvis Bay Declaration”. This includes a set of recommendations and actions that the G7 countries will take to prevent future pandemics.

These steps include reducing the time it takes to develop and license vaccines, treatments, and diagnostics for future illnesses to less than 100 days. Efforts to strengthen global surveillance networks and genome sequencing capacities. Support for reform and strengthening of the World Health Organization.

Johnson said G7 leaders will be asked to donate one billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to the poorest countries by the end of next year. Ahead of the summit, Biden pledged to donate 500 million doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine to nearly 100 low-income countries and the African Union. Johnson said his country would likely donate more than 100 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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China and the West

The White House says Biden is not aiming to make China a “top priority” in Europe. However, Beijing’s model of economic development, human rights issues in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and the lack of transparency on a wide range of issues ranging from the environment to labor standards dominated the debate. Saturday.

G7 leaders have launched a new global infrastructure initiative called “Best Reconstruction for the World”. It is assembled as an alternative to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. This is a trillion-dollar large-scale development project covering dozens of countries, and the general idea is to renew and reinvent the ancient Silk Road connecting China. to Europe and beyond. As part of its initiative, China has supported financing through predatory loans, international railways, highways, ports and other major infrastructure.

G7 leaders expect the new initiative to bring together hundreds of billions of dollars in infrastructure investments in low- and middle-income countries over the next few years.

“It’s about providing the world with a more positive and positive alternative vision than that offered by China,” the White House said of the plan.

According to the White House, Biden will travel to Brussels for a NATO military alliance meeting on Monday, and NATO countries will be the first to tackle security concerns directly from China in the statement.

Weapons from all over the world, and from each other

Biden turned to French President Emmanuel Macron in a friendly discussion next to the summit on Friday. Macron then returned his favor, reflecting what appeared to be a warm and friendly relationship between the leaders.

On Saturday, Biden and Macron had a more formal opportunity to rekindle their seemingly prosperous romance when they met for a bilateral conference.

“The sun is shining. We’re on this beach. I’m fine,” Biden told reporters ahead of the meeting, and he and Macron were sitting next to each other against the backdrop of aquamarine. “And I am with the President of France, it makes me feel even better.

Macron cited the coronavirus pandemic and the challenges of climate change, saying cooperation was needed between G7 leaders, provided by Biden.

“I think it’s great that the President of the United States is joining the club and is very happy to cooperate,” he said. “And I think you show that leadership is a partnership.”

Topics discussed at the conference include the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Issues and Climate Change, international tax reform and other foreign policy priorities such as China and Russia.

When asked if he agreed with Biden on returning the United States, Macron replied: “Without a doubt.”

President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron will travel to a bilateral G7 summit meeting in Carvis Bay, England on Saturday, June 12, 2021.

Land and sea events

Protesters were doing their best to thwart the three-day summit. Hundreds of protesters on the road protested on Friday over remarks by G7 countries that climate activist group Extinction Rebellion had failed to respect 2015 global efforts on climate change in Paris. Blocked out and walked down the street.

On Saturday, protesters headed out to sea, among other demonstrations.

An environmental group called Surfers Against Sewage demonstrated at Gilinbase Beach in Falmouth. Surfers picked up surfboards, kayaks, snorkels and other gear and went ashore to alert them of threats to the ocean and climate.

Extinction Rebellion organized a football match between fans and environmentalists. However, a twist was added to the match which took place the day after the UEFA Euro Soccer Championship kicked off across Europe. The arbiter was a banker.

A statement released by the event’s organizers said: “The game explains how greed and corporate finances are not just (football), but more importantly, how destructive they are in climate policy. It is equipped for. ”

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Surfers, paddleboarders and kayaks will take part in environmental protests off Gilinbase Beach in Falmouth, Cornwall during the G7 summit.

Beach barbecue

How to follow a dinner with the queen?

Beach barbecue, nothing less.

On Friday evening, G7 leaders and their families ate with Queen Elizabeth II and other royals on spicy melons, baked turbots and an English strawberry pavlova. Saturday dinner was not very formal.

Boris Johnson’s wife Carrie Johnson hosted a barbecue at Carvis Bay Beach for the leader and his family. Dinner prices included scallops, crab claws, Portsukaso mackerel, followed by sirloin and Newlin lobster.

The VIP was then served freshly baked brie, hot buttered rum and toasted marshmallows around a campfire on the sand. And to drink (after all, it’s the Queen’s official birthday): Cornish sparkling wine, German Riesling, Australian Schillers, Cornish beer and hedge fizz cocktails.

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