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LYMAN – The Pacific Street Textile Factory closed 16 years ago, with no redevelopment of the 50-acre property since.

The chimneys, the old mill boiler room and a five-story building once used for administrative offices are all that remains of the site near Lyman town center. The graffiti and overgrown brush building near the main entrance has been an eyesore for years. It caught fire in 2016 and 2018, believed to be arson. But Lyman city council members hope it will spark new interest.

“We need to look at different avenues for redevelopment and it depends on who ultimately owns this site,” said City Councilor Glenn Greer. “The city does not own this site, with the exception of the parking lot. Environmental studies have been carried out for the plant site and we are currently working on a follow-up environmental study on the parking lot side.

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The Environmental Protection Agency tested the factory site in 2019. Overall, the site has six owners. Lyman hired Greenville-based SynTerra Corporation to help guide the redevelopment process by holding public meetings in 2020 to gauge residents’ interest in how the site could be transformed.

The old factory operated for 80 years before closing in 2005 when the textile industry declined. In 2012, the majority of the factory buildings were demolished.

Greer said the site has great potential.

“What I would love to see there is that it’s redeveloped into a mixed-use commercial and residential,” said Greer. “We have to work in that direction and end up on our own by working with SynTerra, and we are about to make the decision to buy the property and go ahead with the redevelopment or not to take that step. and having a developer to handle it all. It’s been a long process. “

City administrator Gregg Miller told The Post and Courier that a committee has been formed to lead the redevelopment process. Miller said Lyman has worked over the past two years to better position the site for the redevelopment.

“We’re hoping to get renewed traction and take the necessary steps to get that traction,” Miller said. “The end goal is to get someone interested in proposing a development and getting a strategic partner, but we don’t have it yet.”

Councilor Alton Free is also supporting the redevelopment of the site.

“We’re in a situation where we need to have someone who is financially capable of developing this property,” Free said. “Personally, I would love to see a mixed-use project go there. This property has been around for years and we’ve just taken this seriously and are in the early stages of moving forward.”

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