CASAC reports that a lower NAAQS for PM2.5 is on its way; It can’t come too soon – Environment

United States: CASAC reports that a lower NAAQS for PM2.5 is on its way; It can’t come too soon

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Momentum continues to build for a stricter national ambient air quality standard for particulate matter2.5. In June, the EPA announced it would reconsider the Trump administration’s decision to keep the prime minister2.5 NAAQS at 12 ug / m3. In early October, EPA staff released a supplement to their PM assessment2.5 NAAQS. This supplement also supported a stricter standard. 1140352a.jpg

Now the Clean Air Science Advisory Committee is about to step in. According to Nexis Newsdesk (subscription required), a “vast majority” of CASAC members expressed support for a standard that is significantly lower than the current one. If I were a gamer I would bet the EPA lands somewhere between 8 ug / m3 and 10 ug / m3.

Whatever the EPA does, I’ll make two more predictions. First, as long as the EPA chooses a number that is not less than 8 ug / m3, any challenge to the new standard that argues that the new standard is too strict will be lost. Even before judges appointed by Trump.

Second, the next time the EPA assesses the PM2.5 NAAQS, the question will only arise if it is made even stricter; we’re not going to see a load of evidence that the new EPA standard is too protective.

This thing only goes one way. And I continue to hope that we manage to move towards a zero-fossil economy, because – and here is yet another prediction – the calculation of the co-benefits of eliminating fossil emissions will only grow over time.

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