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Bassett Healthcare Network plans to build a state-of-the-art hands-on simulation lab on the third floor of AO Fox Hospital and has asked the Otsego County Council of Representatives to spend some of the American Rescue Plan funds Act he got to help pay for it.

Bassett Healthcare Network Director of Growth and Business Development Carolyn Lewis and South Region Chief Nurse and Vice President of Patient Care Services Joan MacDonald gave a presentation on the simulation and how they said it would benefit Otsego County during the month of December. 15 meeting.

Lewis said the lab equipment cost $ 900,000 and the renovations will cost $ 1.5 million. She asked county officials “$ 500,000 in COVID relief funds.” She said the lab would be eligible for funding, as it will help address labor shortages facing the region.

Lewis said the labs will offer simulations not only to doctors and nurses who are already practicing, but also to students, food service workers, environmental housekeeping workers and local emergency medical technicians. There will be a simulated operating room, a delivery room, a pediatric room and four general labs built.

Additionally, there will be an observation room next to each simulation room where teachers can have realistic mannequins do different things to simulate what living patients might do. Each simulation will be videotaped and the recordings will be reviewed after the simulation to review areas of concern, she said. In addition, there will be a conference room and changing rooms to simulate the preparation for a working day.

Representative Clark Oliver, D-Oneonta Wards One and Two, asked if there are similar labs in the area.

MacDonald said that SUNY Delhi has a small lab for its nursing students. Lewis said the closest labs where people can train are in Syracuse and Albany. MacDonald said Hudson Valley Community College in Troy recently built a lab like the one Bassett is proposing. Bassett is therefore working with HVCC to obtain expert advice on staffing and laboratory design.

“I am very excited for this project,” said MacDonald. “It will help attract the workforce we want to the region.

MacDonald and Lewis said they will also be working with the BOCES New Visions program and local colleges, so students can learn in the lab. “We will develop our own nurses and lab technicians. We will give them the same opportunities they could get in the big cities, ”said MacDonald.

Representative Michele Farwell, D-Butternuts, Morris, Pittsfield, said she could “certainly see it as a tool for workforce development”. She asked, “How much will paramedics, BLS and ALS technicians be able to use the lab?” And said, “We hear a lot about the burden of training.”

MacDonald said one of BHC’s goals is to allow local paramedics and EMS to train on site. She said once the labs are built, BHC will invite local fire, emergency and police services to allow them to practice there.

Rep. Keith McCarty, R-Richfield, Springfield, asked if EMS personnel can train at night. MacDonald said the lab will operate 24/7.

Chairman of the Board, David Bliss, of R-Cherry Valley, Middlefield, Roseboom, said he thought it was an “interesting project. Not just for Bassett Healthcare, but also for EMS”.

The board did not vote on funding during the meeting.

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