Anti Sizewell C activists unhappy with financial plans


Campaigners protesting the construction of Sizewell C have reacted with frustration to EDF’s £ 250million funding to mitigate the impacts of the proposed site.

The biggest concern of opponents of the project was money spent on environmental causes – £ 78million for an independent environmental body to improve the region’s landscape and £ 22million for investment in mitigation impact on the landscape and the creation of wildlife and habitat areas.

“It should be noted that by far the largest sum – £ 100million – is for environmental projects,” said Alison Downes of Stop Sizewell C.

“This work will have to continue for decades – throughout the life of the station and potentially its decommissioning – to make a significant difference.”

“Environmental funding is simply a recognition of the long-term, irreversible damage they will cause to the environment,” said Pete Wilkinson of Together Against Sizewell C.

“The rest is a measure of the damage to this community that EDF intends to inflict on what will be a huge white elephant on our eroding heritage coast.”

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They also raised concerns over the planned work program for higher education institutions and organizations, which is set at £ 22million.

‘The £ 22million for the work program would not be enough to create even one long-term job at Sizewell C, which amounts to £ 25million for each of the 900 permanent jobs that SZC should create, ”Wilkinson said.

Ms Downes said the community fund of £ 23million for villages and £ 12million for tourism was not enough.

“Taken over 12 years, many amounts, for example for community and tourism, seem considerably less impressive, and in some areas, such as housing, emergency services and utilities, the problems go beyond l ‘money,’ she said.

“The £ 12million tourism fund will do nothing to offset the 12 years of chaos that the construction period will bring, nor the damage it will cause to the tourism industry upon which this county is heavily dependent,” Mr Wilkinson said.

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