Agawam has the possibility of financing the 5 phases of the Sewerage project of Feeding Hills, South-West (Letters)


At our last meeting, the City Council, after discussion, voted unanimously in favor of resolution TR-2021-30 in favor of the Feeding Hills / South West Sewage project. On May 4, the mayor also signed the approval for the adoption of our legislation. I would like to thank all City Councilors for their support, especially Councilors Calabrese, Mercadante, Smith, Suffriti and Tedeschi for co-sponsoring the resolution I have presented.

President Biden’s US Jobs Plan would allow $ 2.25 trillion for transportation, housing, water systems, water and sewer lines, and more. 111 billion dollars should be made available to states for such projects.

This is a very unique opportunity for the Town of Agawam to try their best to receive funds to support the completion of the 5 phases of the Feeding Hills / South West Sewer Project. This is the only way we will be able to complete this much needed and very expensive project with these federal and state funds.

Some sewerage issues in these areas also create environmental and health issues and need to be addressed.

I have spoken with State Senator John Velis, D-Westfield and Rep. Nicholas Boldyga, R-Southwick, and they strongly support the idea. They both pledged to work with the mayor to try to convince our congressional delegation (as our resolution calls for) to enact legislation that makes the Feeding Hills / South West Sewage project for full funding of all phases; and urge Governor Baker to allocate funds from the federal stimulus bill to this project.

George Bitzas, Agawam municipal councilor

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